Room details

Total amount of rooms 25

Single rooms5
Twin rooms19
4-person rooms1

Every room has a WC, bathroom, TV and wireless WiFi-network. Rooms have also the possibility of additional bed.

Common sauna facilities are also available for hotel guests.

Free parking space can be found from the hotel yard.

Check-in at 4:00 pm and check-out at 11:00 noon.

Price list

Single room99,00 €
Twin room129,00 €
4-person room180,00 €

Prices include accommodation, breakfast and a free usage of common sauna facilities.
Additional bed 25 € < 12-year.
Additional bed 35 € > 12-year.



We can organize events such as company meetings, family celebrations, weddings, Christmas parties and other events up to 200 persons and coctail parties for even bigger groups.


Lectures, courses and meetings.
By the sea, in the center of city
Kristinestad, in Hotel Kristina.
Lecture of the course 17.12.2019


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Ready to serve! Opening hours:
Mon-Fre 8am-9pm
Sat 9am-9pm (program evenings 9am-4am)
Sun for hotel guests


Kristinestad Event calendar;
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Hotel Kristina offers meals à la carte.
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We renewed the sauna department.


New Hotel Kristina website has been opened. You can now make room reservations directly from Booking page.

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